Gretchen Wilson-"One of the Boys"

By: Greg Kots & Alison Bonaguro

(Published May 4, 2007


Carrie Underwood may be the girl on top. But Wilson reminds us what platinum albums sound like when they come from a woman's real life. Wilson wrote nine of the 11 songs, and she's still not shy about her roots.

On "There Goes the Neighborhood," Wilson freely admits to having "pitbulls and pistols" backed by a healthy dose of piano and fiddle. And on "If You Want a Mother," she threatens her spoiled man with what a mother she can be. But if there's ever been a soaring ballad about a one-night stand with a stranger, "Pain Killer" is it. After years of country songs about drowning pain with whiskey, it's a trashy twist to hear one about using a man instead.


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