The Forgotten Hottie: Tim McGraw.

by Alison Bonaguro
(as seen in Country Music Today, Sept/Oct. 2005


In her feature titled Any Man of Mine in our last issue, Laura McCorkindale did a good job uncovering country music's hottest men. Good, but not good enough. She left out the one man thousands of women would consider the hottest. Tim McGraw.

Defining hot isn't hard to do. It usually includes references to tight jeans, bedroom eyes and a smoldering voice.   But with a guy like Tim McGraw, hot runs a little deeper. And what it comes down to is his whole bad-boy-with-a-good-man-inside thing. Like how he smokes and drinks dirty martinis, but loves to read "The Princess & the Pea" to his girls at night. Or how he has a leprechaun tattoo somewhere on his body, but he's too shy to show it. Or how he likes Chili Cheese Fries at Johnny Rockets (no onions, a little mustard), but cooks up homemade Louisiana beignets for his kids.

Yes, he can melt hearts with his songs. Yes, he does wonders for a pair of Diesel jeans. And yes, the cowboy hat adds a little mystery. But when his fans get a little overzealous, and he points to his wedding band proclaiming he's already taken, it just makes him even hotter. Bad boy, good man? That's hot.