Cagle Confidential
The 21 things you didn't know about Chris Cagle

by Alison Bonaguro
(as seen in Country Music Today, November 2005



Chris Cagle's had a slew of top-ten singles. His first two albums went gold. And he had to spend months on vocal rest. That much, you knew. But there is much more to Chris Cagle. Did you know the first song he learned on the guitar was "Freebird?" And that he goes commando? Before his much-anticipated new CD, "Anywhere But Here," came out in October we had the chance to ask Chris all kinds of questions. Some of his answers may surprise you.  

1) How hot was it in the desert when you shot "Miss Me Baby"?
I think it was about 106 degrees.

2)  What did Richie Sambora think of your rendition of Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive"?
He called me to say that he dug my first two records, and thought I'd do a great job on "Wanted".

3)  Favorite song on new CD?
That would have to be the title cut "Anywhere But Here".

4)  First song you learned on your guitar?

5)  First album you bought with your own money?
It was a James Taylor album, I just don't remember which one.

6)  Odd jobs you held in Nashville before your big break?
You name it, I did it. Nanny, golf caddy, house framer and a bartender.

7)  Odd jobs you had during your vocal rest?
I shoveled a bunch of horse manure for free.

8) Do you know any Cagleheads personally?
Yeah, my family.

9) What's the best advice your grandpa ever gave you?
Bet on yourself, and bet the ranch.

10) How much money you had when you moved to Nashville?
I think I had about $1200 in cash and a $2500 check that bounced.

11) What's your favorite place to perform?
Anywhere they'll let me.

12) Your middle name?

13) Neat or sloppy?
I try to be neat, but I'm actually pretty sloppy.

14) What do you put on your hot dogs?
Mustard and ketchup.

15) What scares you?

16) What CD is in your car stereo right now?
Three Doors Down.

17)  If you had a weekend with nothing on your calendar, how would you spend it?
With my family and my horses.

18) What are the top three things on your "to-do-before-I-die" list?
Win Entertainer of the Year, Win the AQHA World Show for Reining and Working Cow Horse,  and see my babies graduate from college.

19) Most embarrassing moment?
At the start of a high school football game, I ran through the sign and fell flat on my face.

20) Boxers or briefs?
No boxers, no briefs.

21) What did you have for breakfast today?
Three eggs with bacon and toast and some fresh-squeezed juice.