A COUNTRY STATE OF MIND: Grow up and be a cowboy

by Alison Bonaguro
(The Chicago Tribune, Published December 10, 2006


This may be counterintuitive to urban dwellers, but where are you likely to find throngs upon throngs of hot women? The answer: country concerts--every time some rock star in a cowboy hat comes up from Nashville.

Some women may still be into that bad-boy rocker thing, but if you want to see thousands of sweet young women with quality faux tans and flat-ironed hair in miniskirts and cowboy boots, get to a country show.

 Although the best girl watching can be done at the big arenas, there are plenty of country-loving females right in the city.

Joe's Sports Bar, 940 W. Weed St., brings in a lot of solid country acts that draw women from throughout the Chicago area. Yes, they also pull in the uber-fans who have flown in from Philadelphia for one more chance to see (insert B-list country artist here).

But the hottest hang by the back, awaiting a good-looking opportunity. "When a guy hits on you and you find out that he has a taste in country music, it makes a big difference," Brandi Pryor, 18, of Buffalo Grove told the Guy Page.

You may have thought that talking about the genius that is Ludacris would work. Or that saying you knew the lead guitarist from The Fray would pique her interest. But now, you may be one Keith Urban CD away from the love of your life.

Admitting that you like the music might be the hardest part. After you've come out of the closet, though, the lifestyle's as likable as the music. The lyrics are easy to discuss, if a discussion is necessary.

The guitar solos make you feel like you're at a Prince concert, circa "Purple Rain." And even if you don't like country music, you can fake it. Just throw on an old Merle Haggard shirt and get out there. Skoal rings help too.

And whatever you do, don't dis what she digs. "Some guy told me that he thought country sucked," said Tara Lennon, 23, of Chicago. "`So does going home alone,' I told him."

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